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Sleeping during daylight hours for babies and children can be difficult. Sunlight entering a nursery can make it hard for the baby to get the proper amount of sleep. Solardark Shade Clips are a great sleep solution for babies, toddlers and young children.

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Sun entering your bedroom during sleep can be very taxing on your body. Install the Solardark Shade Clips system to darken your bedroom. Keep your sleeping area dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable.

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Working the night shift makes it difficult to get enough sleep. Put an end to those sleepless days. Now you can get a good day's sleep and feel great using Solardark shade clips.

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Solardark: Room Darkening Window Shades

Only $19.95Get a good days / nights sleep with the Solardark Shade Clips system and darken your bedroom! Designed to help block out daylight for night shift workers, shift workers, medical personel, day time sleepers, children's bedrooms, baby nurseries, restless babies, and media rooms. Solardark Shade Clips will block sunlight and enable a good day's sleep. You can black out a room for darkness during daylight hours with the Solardark system. Avoid shift work disorder SWD use Solardark.

Installs in 2 minutes!!!

The human body doesn't function well without proper sleep—typically eight hours or more for babies and children in a 24-hour period. Have you ever tried getting a good quality sleep during the day? More often than not you wake up feeling tired and exhausted? So forget it, unless you have Solardark shade clips.

Put an end to those sleepless days. Now you can get a good day's sleep and feel awesome using Solardark shade clips. The affordable, easy to install solution for total room darkening. Solardark looks great from the inside and outside.

  • 100% Made in The U.S.A.
  • Fits standard 3'x5' window frames
  • Paintable plastic
  • Non-permanent
  • Works with existing roller shades


Everything you need is included.

My husband and I are so delighted with our new Solardark shade clips. After so many years of struggling to sleep during the day, I am now getting a great "days" sleep and have so much more energy! I still can't believe how easy and inexpensive the solution was! The installation was simple, and I just painted them to match my window sill. Thank you!!

~ Janet, Spring, TX

My Mom bought these new shades for our movie room and I'm so glad. There was always a reflection of the room in the tv screen from the light coming in the window. Now, it's completely dark and so much more fun to watch movies!

~ Julia B., Newport Beach, CA

Just wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying your SolarDark Shade Clips. I work nights and try to sleep during the day, until I started using your product. Now its nice and dark, no sunlight coming in around the blinds, and i'm actually getting 8 hours of sleep during the day. Again, thanks and I'll be telling my co-workers about your product!!

~ Chuck A., Mobile, AL

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